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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Does size matter?

This mom is now a mom of three, youngest is now 9 months old, so two boys and one girl! Going from two to three has its challenges but I couldn't imagine life any other way. Although of course, everyone says "I read somewhere...that having three is the most stressful", or "the age gap of three years is when they fight the most", well what are you going to do, we all learn to love and hate our family but as I always say be nice, because they can be your friend for life and you never know when you are going to need them. Sure would life be a little easier with less kids or maybe we might have more disposable income (what is that anyways), but you know what they bring me so much joy and I feel more accomplished if I bring up human beings who give back and are kind human beings than having done anything else with my life (so I have better chances that one out of three will be those people...just kidding, kinda). I do believe I have to find ways to spend individual time with each one, because they need that one on one attention because they are so different.

Of course having three kids, can be financially stressful at times, and it has been five years since having a full time 9-5 job,but I have been blessed to be able to be available for my family. I also have been inventive as to making our dollar stretch and continuing my entrepreneurial endeavours, (follow me on instagram @dishlicious.ca). Although I still have to be more organized to make better use of my budget and knowing when the online deals happen.

One of my most recent discoveries, is glasses online through GlassesShop.com, a lot of inventory so many choices and I was skeptical because of the price being so low but I was impressed by the quality so far (only had them for over two weeks). My prescription eyeglasses was right on and I love, love the pattern I decided on. For the affordable price I decided to go with something completely different, and bigger than I think I would of chosen otherwise. Now I am not one who dyes there hair so I don't really do anything exciting so having a few different pairs of glasses, is a nice treat for this mom. They also offer prescription sunglasses. Now I know most health care plans with your work are usually only every two years so having affordable glasses that you don't feel will break the bank when you aren't covered, is a nice treat, even better they knew my readers (other fellow mothers) would appreciate the deal, so are giving my readers 50% off for all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses only throughout their website (sorry not on sales frames) using special coupon code  GSHOT50

All in all my family 5 works for me ( I could even be convinced to have more kids, my husband not so much), but I know its not for everyone. So what works for you and how do you make it all work??

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