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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Does size matter?

This mom is now a mom of three, youngest is now 9 months old, so two boys and one girl! Going from two to three has its challenges but I couldn't imagine life any other way. Although of course, everyone says "I read somewhere...that having three is the most stressful", or "the age gap of three years is when they fight the most", well what are you going to do, we all learn to love and hate our family but as I always say be nice, because they can be your friend for life and you never know when you are going to need them. Sure would life be a little easier with less kids or maybe we might have more disposable income (what is that anyways), but you know what they bring me so much joy and I feel more accomplished if I bring up human beings who give back and are kind human beings than having done anything else with my life (so I have better chances that one out of three will be those people...just kidding, kinda). I do believe I have to find ways to spend individual time with each one, because they need that one on one attention because they are so different.

Of course having three kids, can be financially stressful at times, and it has been five years since having a full time 9-5 job,but I have been blessed to be able to be available for my family. I also have been inventive as to making our dollar stretch and continuing my entrepreneurial endeavours, (follow me on instagram @dishlicious.ca). Although I still have to be more organized to make better use of my budget and knowing when the online deals happen.

One of my most recent discoveries, is glasses online through GlassesShop.com, a lot of inventory so many choices and I was skeptical because of the price being so low but I was impressed by the quality so far (only had them for over two weeks). My prescription eyeglasses was right on and I love, love the pattern I decided on. For the affordable price I decided to go with something completely different, and bigger than I think I would of chosen otherwise. Now I am not one who dyes there hair so I don't really do anything exciting so having a few different pairs of glasses, is a nice treat for this mom. They also offer prescription sunglasses. Now I know most health care plans with your work are usually only every two years so having affordable glasses that you don't feel will break the bank when you aren't covered, is a nice treat, even better they knew my readers (other fellow mothers) would appreciate the deal, so are giving my readers 50% off for all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses only throughout their website (sorry not on sales frames) using special coupon code  GSHOT50

All in all my family 5 works for me ( I could even be convinced to have more kids, my husband not so much), but I know its not for everyone. So what works for you and how do you make it all work??

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sustainable living..the one working parent dilemma

Always in a state of flux. I feel like I am always torn with making the right choices for my family. I decided not to go back to my full time job, when the second child came along and try to find more local work that I could do on my own time, around my husband's 9-5 job.

I have picked up work, being my own independent business but still I need to be making more income until I get my business really going, and the stress of it is a lot. Not to mention that I don't want to compromise on the health of my family, because I buy organic, and I buy natural products, because I believe in the long run it it is the best for my family. I don't buy lavish items and we have cut back on a lot. So it makes me think is it really possible for a middle income family to really able to have a stay at home mom, if we don't want to compromise on our health and well being?

I do pride myself on always finding an opportunity and work through networking and making relationships with people who see how hard I work and how much I love to continually learn. But I want to know how do stay at moms really do it, if there husband doesn't make ALOT of money, just average?

I do coupon, and buy used when I can, but also there are not a lot of coupons out there for the organic products I look for, or NOT for the fresh produce that I mostly consume. I am growing my own year round now, Tower Garden, so that will help us save in the long run, and allow us to not compromise the wellbeing of our health.

But who out there really thinks it is sustainable...do you think eventually both people have to be working, to pay back any debt, or do anything that isn't the bare necessities?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Learning to deal and understand what my kids need from me.

I think every parent can tell, when their kid is tired or hungry, or not feeling well, because usually they get a little grumpy (or a lot grumpy), and I am sure as adults we are the same way but we try to not take it out on those around us, as adults (well some of us do). I have been reading about how to teach our kids to deal with their emotions, and also I am realizing that you can just parent behaviours but you really have to understand as a whole why they are behaving a certain way, are they just hungry, tired or  is it something they have yet to learn how to deal with, or behave.

Of course in this process I am teaching my self patience, learn to be calm and to see a bigger picture, so that I am not just reacting, but don't get me wrong, this is a work in progress.

What I am also exploring is how what we give our kids also plays a huge role in how they behave. If we don't feed the mind properly how can we expect them to focus, be rational? Think about it, if you don't eat right, are you as productive, clear minded or just overall as nice of a person as you could be (probably not)?

I don't know if I did post on this blog about my group Dish-licious.ca, but it is a mom group centred around food. I want to encourage moms and families to eat right, eat real food, which means just making cooking and nutrition a priority, because we make time for priorities, no matter how busy. Food plays a huge role, in our life and that is why I have even choose to endorse Juice Plus, a whole food, to make sure my family is not missing anything in their body, that we need from food. So please I encourage you to read about it, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Also please add my other blog, linked to my group, which is www.parentslearntocook.wordpress.com, to get recipes and cooking tips and inspiration to eat better, which starts with cooking.

Juice Plus site: https://canada.juiceplus.com/nsa/content/Home.soa?site=eg23046

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stay at home boredom and moments to yourself

As my second child is reaching one year old (still can't believe it), a lot of people are already asking if I am thinking of having a third. It is funny because I did want to have three kids, but as time passes, and your kids can start doing things for themselves, and you slowly get a little more freedom (breast feeding coming to an end), you start to enjoy these little moments to yourself, and enjoy getting your body back! Therefore it is tough to think about loosing all that again. Ok it sounds a little selfish I guess, but it is the truth.

Also while I am speaking the truth, I have decided to work only part-time, not in my career field, just something to pay the bills, but allows me to work after my husband gets home and on weekends, so that I could spend more time with the kids and no daycare. Although I have to be honest and say it is getting tough, because their is no time to myself, my job doesn't have interaction with other people, so no socialization, and so it is tough to be 24/7 in mom mode. I want to be able to not get stuff on my clothes, look nice sometimes, and not be entertaining at level of a three year old or younger all the time.

Yes I get bored and I will say it, you get frustrated with your kids sometimes, you need a moment to yourself. You truly appreciate locking yourself in the washroom, doing your nails, having a glass of wine. I think those moms that try to act like they aren't bored, and enjoy being with their young kids 24/7 aren't fooling anyone, it is reality we are adults and sometimes like to have adult time.

I am going to a wedding this weekend, and even though it is one night away, and I totally don't want to leave my youngest right now over night with family, because I hate the thought of my little one getting up at night and I am not there to comfort him, I do have to say totally looking forward to being a grown up, and having a dance with my husband again. Why is there always guilt with almost every decision you make? This is the first time since I had my first kid (Mateo is almost four years old now), that my husband and myself have spent a night away from our kids, it is going to be tough and heart wrenching, wonder how I will do, because I know the kids will probably be fine, but who knows how I will be...actually a drink will probably help with the worrying (ha, ha).

Anyways feel free moms to put your two cents about your thoughts of being a stay at home mom, and am I crazy for being bored but also feeling guilty when I do have time away?

Monday, April 1, 2013

This is a shameless plea!

I am asking on every social medium today, and until April 30th, to help get my son Harrison on the cover of Today's Parent by voting for him everyday! Just follow this Facebook link: http://todaysparent.upickem.net//r/3JGn3rwBpGZ and continue to visit to vote.

I know people out there have mixed emotions when it comes to putting pictures of their children out there for shameless promotion but sorry this mom is trying to showcase that cute face to the world :) Hey if this helps get money for college or help with his first house ( I know this contest doesn't pay money but it gets his face out there), I am going to try. I would of done it with my first son but I was trying to just get comfortable in my new skin of motherhood.

Ok so please help and vote http://todaysparent.upickem.net//r/3JGn3rwBpGZ

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mom contributor: Easter Smoothie.

I was approached by another great mom, to post on my blog, and I jumped at the chance, as I love hearing from other moms, and I think we can all learn from other moms. This mom, Kendra, is a world traveller, and hard working mom. I thank her for sharing this fun Easter snack.

I would like to add that you can probably use, almond butter or silken soft tofu instead of peanut butter, for the protein. Also just using a natural plain yogurt, instead of low fat, personally because I find they put a lot of other things when they lower the fat content. For our child's easter trail we use dried fruit, he loves it, and we know he gets so many treats from everyone else, that we don't need to add to the treats, plus it looks like Bunny poop leading to an Easter present so it is hilarious for me.

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter and the Easter bunny found there way into everyone's house and memories.

Family Favorite Strawbunny Easter Smoothie

On my last trip to Las Vegas I stayed at the wonderful Cosmopolitan, ranked amongst some of the top hotels in Las Vegas with great restaurants. While staying there they introduced to this fabulous strawberry and peanut butter smoothie I had one morning for breakfast. This decadent drink was so delicious and such a great source of protein that I thought about how my kids would absolutely love it.

So I turned it into a Strawbunny Smoothie that I have served for Easter the past few years and it is an absolute hit in my house! This low fat treat is a very tasty and filing snack, a good thing to eat before engorging on all the Easter candy. This healthy treat is a great way to start every Easter Sunday.

Strawbunny Smoothie:

(Makes about 2 cups)


- 1½ cup of frozen strawberries
- 4 teaspoons of low fat vanilla yogurt
- 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
- ½ cup of skim milk

The process of making the smoothie is simple. Grab a blender and put everything in it and blend them all together. Sometimes it is easier to add the strawberries in only a few at a time to make sure they blend up easy. It is even so simple perhaps ask the children to join in and teach them how to make this smoothie. This makes only a serving of two cups so make sure to double the recipe when needed.

In order to make the drink more festive there are several things you can do. Make sure to put a marshmallow peep on top of the drink. The frothy mix at the top of the smoothie is perfect place for the peep to sit. Another great way to decorate the smoothie is to add Easter grass down around the base of the cup.

The Strawbunny Easter Smoothie is a very healthy treat to start Easter morning, so feel free to add a little bit of Easter candy throughout the decorated grass around the table. This sweet treat is a great start to Easter morning for the children. The children will love to drink this smoothie before going out to find their Easter basket. Enjoy! J

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finding deals and buying second hand to help a mom save

So I am one of those people that do not go on a Facebook very often, so when I do go on, I spend a lot of time catching up. Man do I miss out on a lot of friends having kids. Anyways I did read one friends' New Years Resolutions and found it very interesting, which was to try to buy as much as possible second hand or at least try to get a good deal, of course this person is a mom. Any mom has probably bought or sold on Kiijji but I thought I would go one step further and search out some some other sites that were second hand or how to get the best deals online, so if other moms know of other sites out there please share.

Now I personally found this one amazing,  Trend Trunk, you can buy or sell designer clothes, handbags and more.  You can feel a little less guilty buying yourself something, instead of the kids.

If you have a groupon deals person already, have you tried Ethical Deals? That is right get great deals on ethically made or good for you products.

For current Deals that you can take advantage of:

Lego (an essential in my house). What has been great is having these lego books that my son will read and then recreate with his lego characters. Current deals with lego: Get a FREE city police helicopter with order of $35 dollars(check out the clearance page on the site too, some great deals)

Always remember, online is great for the clearance sections, and bundling it with free shipping times is always better, so you can save on the gas of going to a store too! Even WalMart has clearance blowout deals to get, so check it out.

When I find more deals I will make sure to post, because as a mom of two young boys, I know how important it is to save where you can.

Tomorrow I am working on posting my hilarious/ humiliating stories that I want to share for other mothers out there, so they too can look back and laugh at themselves now :) I hope it makes everyone laugh tomorrow.