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We are a community group for mothers, currently in the Orillia to Gravenhurst, Ontario area, we focus on food, nutrition and health for our family. We draw on expert knowledge such as naturopaths, but best of all we learn and share knowledge from fellow mothers. Even if you have never cooked before we can help you get started. We want to encourage moms to cook and learn the importance of what they put on the table. We are REALISTIC and STRIVE to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone, through education. Membership is FREE so sign up to follow us today! We work together to share knowledge of everything from recipes, nutrition, to how to plan ahead. We offer something for every lifestyle, from just the basics of cooking, spaghetti and pizza, to people looking to learn something new about nutrition, organics or even raw cooking. Never cooked before, let us help you get started, we offer some basic cooking lessons from a mom, to help get you started and then this group will help keep you going for a lifetime of providing healthy and nutritious meals for your family. We offer: Workshops, share recipes, and fun get togethers.

Monday, May 3, 2010


This weekend was all about Mateo (not that everyday isn't about my little guy) but he got his baptism on Sunday. I am not going to talk about anything religious though, but just that I couldn't be happier with having a day focused on him. It may sound cheesy but I love celebrating how lucky I am to have Mateo in my life and having him surrounded by friends and family who care so much about him, couldn't make me happier. Although having friends and family over means a lot of pressure on me. I have to make sure things are clean, my child is happy (even though he probably won't nap, and I can't keep him completely clean which drives me crazy) and there is enough food for everyone. I think my child also senses my anxiety the night before people are to come over and I am in a cleaning, cooking frenzy because we both don't sleep well. Even though I have my husband at home on the weekends to help me out, it always seems that weekends are always such a frenzy with something or another. But I really think I have to schedule a focus on me time so that I can relax de-stress because Mateo senses the way I feel and so we both are in tension, and end up lacking sleep. So I hope other mothers out there can find that time too, because I know it is hard but really needed. Well actually I think everyone needs that time to themselves, because work and just life keeps you busy, even if you are having a good time, it can all become hectic. So you need that time of just relaxation and doing nothing (mind off, and tv off). So I am going to try to schedule that time today, well actually it might be my yoga class that helps me relax tonight.

So we work, we celebrate, and then we try to catch up on sleep!

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