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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mom decides, sugar is out!

I just read this article from CBC News:
CBC News - Health - Baby, toddler foods often too sugary: study.
It is funny that I read this today after a weekend where I was criticized by family because I don't plan on giving my son a sugary cake for his first birthday coming up. Instead I am making a cake with a healthier sweetener alternative. Also I went to sign up my son for his daycare yesterday, because he starts next week (yes I am still crying about his everyday), and I looked at the menu. I read that kids gets a dessert with lunch, seriously!
I just don't think introducing them to refined sugars is at all necessary at such a young age, fruit is a treat and sweet enough for them right now. I (at 30 years old) should not be having refined sugars so why should my 1 year old? What do they miss out on, cravings, possible weight problem, early diabetes? OH I know he gets to have something that most kids get and something that taste good, in that case I should definitely let him have a sugary cake and dessert at daycare (note sarcasm here). I have been making his food, like I do almost 100 of the meals for my husband and I and when it comes to my son's food you can believe I read the labels and most of the time he doesn't get food made for babies/toddlers because of the sugars, instead he gets things like natural (adult) yogurt because the kids yogurt is filled with sugar.
I know the tone of this post today is a little sarcastic and harsh but I am in a negative spot right now. Thinking about someone else taking care of my kid, and then family telling me what I should allow my kids to have, is all just a little too much for me right now and I am in defensive mom mood right now.
Lets hope that this article at least opens up some people's eyes, parents need to take the first step because if they don't stop buying the stuff then things probably won't change.


  1. Just keep standing up for yourself. Not in a hostile way, but just in a, "This is how I do things, and this is how I expect them to be done in my absence" sort of way. Getting defensive just brings you more grief.

    Decide what's important and then take a firm stand. You're the mom and you decide what's right for your child and your family.

    As for the critical family members? I would just explain that every parent has to make a million decisions, and that they are going to need to respect yours as you have respected theirs.

    Good luck!

    And I would have titled this post . . .

    Bitter Sweet

  2. Thanks Kris for the advice and I will try to do just that, to be firm in my decisions. Also I will title my post!