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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sleep deprived and perfection.

So as I mentioned Mateo was in daycare for the first time from Monday - Wednesday and it was the hardest days of my life. Yesterday and today I didn't work but what I did get was a teething baby, with his third tooth making an appearance and one on the way. Also Mateo seems to have gotten the cold that was going around the daycare infant room (super!). So far daycare hasn't won me over, and I had to rush out of the centre one time so they wouldn't see me cry when my son went easily to one of the workers' arms (his favourite person) and gave her a big huge and she said, "oh my cuddle bunny" (I just wanted to rip him away from her and say his hugs are meant for me, and maybe the lady I give my approval for him to marry, if any women). So between the stress, his crying from teething and my crying  I haven't gotten any sleep these past few days, hence my lack of writing.
Also I really want to vamp my skills in writing to really give freelance writing a good go, but finding it very touch when all I want to do is sit on my couch and have a glass of wine, or sleep. Which makes me think of the card my husband got me for my first mother's day, which said "Super hero mom", and feeling like I don't hold that title.
Also finding it quit frustrating and disappointing when I go to open my work email and not finding a  response to a lot of my queries.
So do men put themselves under this much pressure all the time, to measure up to some kind of success, or to being the greatest dad, or is it just women with this crazy notion of what they should be like or how things should be?
Just breath, relax and everything will work out, is what I keep telling myself, and that I am doing the best that I can. Especially this month with a child who is sick and grumpy and I have my husband's birthday this weekend and then Mateo's next weekend and the weekend after that (yes two first birthdays for Mateo). So if I don't have an ulcer trying to make everything perfect, I will tell you how everything went.

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