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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Emotions:Women vs Men

Is it just women, that get emotionally overwhelmed, because I don't think men do?
Now I am not talking about too many things on your plate that you get overwhelmed with everything you have to do, but just emotions.
Currently I am dealing with the illness of my grandmother, the stress of finances, and now my family doctor is retiring and I have to fend for myself and Mateo. I just feel overwhelmed with the pressures of dealing with everything those emotions bring on.
I have been currently reading Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything that my mom gave me, and it is funny that I don't think of myself as having a weight issue but of course I could loose a few pounds (especially still the baby weight). Although I find myself craving desserts all the time right now when I am going through all these feelings. For those of you haven't read this book (even though it was on Oprah), it talks partly about allowing yourself to feel whatever emotions you are having instead of turning to food (well this is MY very short interpretation). I do consider myself to be in touch with what I am feeling, but I think sometimes I feel too much, and then stress takes over, because I can't deal with all the emotions at once. But why is that my husband can be going through the same things with me, but doesn't just freak out with all the feelings  or emotions he is feeling. Maybe the cork on men's emotional bottle is a lot tighter than women's. So where can I get this cork, because as women I think we cry or just have a huge freak out when it becomes too much, and then we can begin to settle.
It is a funny thing that I can professionally deal with a lot at one time,  and I actually prefer to always be busy and keep the mind working; I am a work horse by nature. But when it comes to my personal life it is a very different thing. I guess it balances me out, and makes me a little more normal as I may seem to juggle it all at once to some, and then break down for other things, like my inability to deal with someone passing away.
So let me know if I am wrong about this women and men thing, or if as a professional you too are two different people as well.

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