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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Being pregnant again...oh ya that is how it feels again

Our mind has a lot of defense mechanisms one of them being that we forgot all the discomforts of being pregnant and only remember the wonderful feelings of bringing this baby to life.

You forget all the poking and prodding, the sleepless restless nights, and the nausea possible hot flashes, frequent trips to the washroom, several other things that I will spare my readers from.

The worst is catching a glimpse in the elevator with the 360 mirrors of your growing behind or those love handles that feel like they have come from nowhere. Also in a male dominated office you can not do anything like even get a cold, without them saying it is because you are pregnant like it is a womanly problem or deficiency. Although you no longer tend to care as much of trying to ensure minimizing stretch marks, or don't worry about watching your weight gain so you don't cry about it after but instead you tend to give into pregnancy more.

I guess I have to count my luck that I don't have the sickness and acid reflux I had with my first pregnancy.

I do always wonder if this child will turn out differently, just purely based on the fact that I am working full time, commute to work, and I have a two year old already. With my first I was working a part time job, and worked close to home, had time to focus on me and the baby I was carrying. I am trying to remember to set aside time to relax and focus on the baby but usually I am just happy to get extra time to sleep :)

Well here is to being a new mom the second time around....on week 19 and 2 days of the pregnancy.

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