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Monday, September 17, 2012

Frustrated, disappointed, helpless and sad

Frustrated, disappointed, helpless and sad is everything I have felt with my three year old this week. In playgroup everyone seems to be playing well with others...my kid is just doing his own thing. Everyone is sitting down for snacks, mine is running , everyone is playing parachute, mine is still running.
When I could not find his lego rocket before we had to go to swimming, it was nuclear meltdown time, Then it was complete rebellion in the supermarket, throwing himself on the floor and complete refusal to any of my requests. Then gymnastics...oh gymnastics...something he has been looking forward to for weeks now, since we went to the 1/2 day gymnastics summer camp, but what happens? He wouldn't sit still to wait for his teacher and is running around the waiting room. Then his group is getting called to the mat, he gets a sticker and then starts to cry and wants his mom. Then they go to warm up, he tries to run around where they group is not, so one of the teachers decides to hold his hand and make him walk around with her while he bawls and wants his mom. I convince him to watch the group, and then he wants to go participate again, but as soon as the teacher asks him to do something, like follow the group in a straight line, guess who wants their mom again.

My son seems to want to do his own thing, like run, and do puzzles and build things on his own, but he struggles to stay still with a group activity which involves listening to instructions. He does have great attention to detail to do a puzzle or build lego things. Although if something doesn't work out after awhile, like a lego rocket breaks apart, he gets very frustrated and will bite the lego.

I am trying to understand why I feel a little embarrassed by my son's actions, because I feel like a bad mother or parent, that I do not know how to correct these actions or help him deal with his frustrations or grow. Also I worry that something is wrong. But I realize these feelings are selfish, and just plan dumb, and trying to educate myself and get him in touch with the right people, because I am not admitting failure as a parent (which is my first feelings), but rather I am being a good parent by not trying to hide or brush off things. No one is born a parent which is what I keep telling myself and I have to learn from those before us, go with my heart, and try to educate myself as much as I can.

This week really pushed me to become proactive, I talked to some other people, and got my son an appointment to do a screening to see how he is developing, also I have found a workshop for parents to help there kids deal with emotions and recognize there emotions. The best thing I really did was just come out and ask people, instead of just keeping it to myself because that got me and my son nowhere.

I hope this post really helps others, that may have experienced similar moments and hope they to, talk about it to the right people, so their kid can be the best person they can be, and we as parents help them in every means possible :)

Just learning to be the best mom,

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