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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stay at home boredom and moments to yourself

As my second child is reaching one year old (still can't believe it), a lot of people are already asking if I am thinking of having a third. It is funny because I did want to have three kids, but as time passes, and your kids can start doing things for themselves, and you slowly get a little more freedom (breast feeding coming to an end), you start to enjoy these little moments to yourself, and enjoy getting your body back! Therefore it is tough to think about loosing all that again. Ok it sounds a little selfish I guess, but it is the truth.

Also while I am speaking the truth, I have decided to work only part-time, not in my career field, just something to pay the bills, but allows me to work after my husband gets home and on weekends, so that I could spend more time with the kids and no daycare. Although I have to be honest and say it is getting tough, because their is no time to myself, my job doesn't have interaction with other people, so no socialization, and so it is tough to be 24/7 in mom mode. I want to be able to not get stuff on my clothes, look nice sometimes, and not be entertaining at level of a three year old or younger all the time.

Yes I get bored and I will say it, you get frustrated with your kids sometimes, you need a moment to yourself. You truly appreciate locking yourself in the washroom, doing your nails, having a glass of wine. I think those moms that try to act like they aren't bored, and enjoy being with their young kids 24/7 aren't fooling anyone, it is reality we are adults and sometimes like to have adult time.

I am going to a wedding this weekend, and even though it is one night away, and I totally don't want to leave my youngest right now over night with family, because I hate the thought of my little one getting up at night and I am not there to comfort him, I do have to say totally looking forward to being a grown up, and having a dance with my husband again. Why is there always guilt with almost every decision you make? This is the first time since I had my first kid (Mateo is almost four years old now), that my husband and myself have spent a night away from our kids, it is going to be tough and heart wrenching, wonder how I will do, because I know the kids will probably be fine, but who knows how I will be...actually a drink will probably help with the worrying (ha, ha).

Anyways feel free moms to put your two cents about your thoughts of being a stay at home mom, and am I crazy for being bored but also feeling guilty when I do have time away?

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