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We are a community group for mothers, currently in the Orillia to Gravenhurst, Ontario area, we focus on food, nutrition and health for our family. We draw on expert knowledge such as naturopaths, but best of all we learn and share knowledge from fellow mothers. Even if you have never cooked before we can help you get started. We want to encourage moms to cook and learn the importance of what they put on the table. We are REALISTIC and STRIVE to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone, through education. Membership is FREE so sign up to follow us today! We work together to share knowledge of everything from recipes, nutrition, to how to plan ahead. We offer something for every lifestyle, from just the basics of cooking, spaghetti and pizza, to people looking to learn something new about nutrition, organics or even raw cooking. Never cooked before, let us help you get started, we offer some basic cooking lessons from a mom, to help get you started and then this group will help keep you going for a lifetime of providing healthy and nutritious meals for your family. We offer: Workshops, share recipes, and fun get togethers.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Learning to deal and understand what my kids need from me.

I think every parent can tell, when their kid is tired or hungry, or not feeling well, because usually they get a little grumpy (or a lot grumpy), and I am sure as adults we are the same way but we try to not take it out on those around us, as adults (well some of us do). I have been reading about how to teach our kids to deal with their emotions, and also I am realizing that you can just parent behaviours but you really have to understand as a whole why they are behaving a certain way, are they just hungry, tired or  is it something they have yet to learn how to deal with, or behave.

Of course in this process I am teaching my self patience, learn to be calm and to see a bigger picture, so that I am not just reacting, but don't get me wrong, this is a work in progress.

What I am also exploring is how what we give our kids also plays a huge role in how they behave. If we don't feed the mind properly how can we expect them to focus, be rational? Think about it, if you don't eat right, are you as productive, clear minded or just overall as nice of a person as you could be (probably not)?

I don't know if I did post on this blog about my group Dish-licious.ca, but it is a mom group centred around food. I want to encourage moms and families to eat right, eat real food, which means just making cooking and nutrition a priority, because we make time for priorities, no matter how busy. Food plays a huge role, in our life and that is why I have even choose to endorse Juice Plus, a whole food, to make sure my family is not missing anything in their body, that we need from food. So please I encourage you to read about it, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Also please add my other blog, linked to my group, which is www.parentslearntocook.wordpress.com, to get recipes and cooking tips and inspiration to eat better, which starts with cooking.

Juice Plus site: https://canada.juiceplus.com/nsa/content/Home.soa?site=eg23046

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