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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I like free stuff but I have a limit...pushy salespeople!

OK moms love free stuff and I think we go after everything we can in way of contests, giveaways, product testing, etc. Or maybe I like to believe all moms are like this and I am not just a crazy person who signs up for every coupon, or survey people throw at me. But I think I really found my limit this week!

I thought I was having a winning streak all in one day, I was emailed that I had won a $10 Tim Horton's card, and then I got a phone call saying I got free movie tickets and pizza...but wait this one came with a catch. They said a representative would have to drop off the movie tickets and pizza vouchers and do a short presentation of the product "Rainbow" a air cleaning system (works like a vacuum and air purifier). OK well I asked my husband and he said sure why not, because they reassured me it would be short and no obligations. Well I have a sales background and I can not stand someone who continues on for the sale, because if I really want to buy, you can believe me I will start negotiations. So first off, he didn't get there until just before 7, when they said between 6 and 7. Then he was not done with the presentation until 8:00 and my son is usually in bed by that time....so I was mad! When he said price I knew I was really done  because I was not going to  pay that price especially not while on maternity leave, and I was very upfront with this person. But to make matters worse, he called in his boss and his boss now was making offers over the phone, oh lord I was going to strangle him. I finally said bye and I went to bath Mateo. My husband helped him put away his things, and he took forever still making offers to him (grrrrrrrr). So I guess he didn't realize he had already over stayed his welcome. To make matters worse, he then gave my husband the movie tickets and pizza they said we won, and they weren't exactly the tickets or vouchers. I have to pay for the movies and the pizza and then send in my receipts with this card filled out and wait for reimbursement for 4-7 weeks (grrrrrrrrrrr).

I think the product cleaned really well and I would love it to clean (because I love anything that cleans well) but for the price (2-3,500) and for the long and pushy sales call, I am over it! Totally not worth the possibility of getting free movies or pizza (and I love pizza). Also I now realize that I don't remember signing up for any giveaways with this company, so who sold me out I wonder.
I guess I have to rein in my wanting to get free stuff or mommy savings instincts a little. But as you can tell I don't recommend things I really don't believe in, even with promises of free stuff.
I will share some things, at a later day about entering contests or getting free stuff to watch out for that I do know from working in market research and being the mommy saver, free grabber person that I am.

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