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We are a community group for mothers, currently in the Orillia to Gravenhurst, Ontario area, we focus on food, nutrition and health for our family. We draw on expert knowledge such as naturopaths, but best of all we learn and share knowledge from fellow mothers. Even if you have never cooked before we can help you get started. We want to encourage moms to cook and learn the importance of what they put on the table. We are REALISTIC and STRIVE to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone, through education. Membership is FREE so sign up to follow us today! We work together to share knowledge of everything from recipes, nutrition, to how to plan ahead. We offer something for every lifestyle, from just the basics of cooking, spaghetti and pizza, to people looking to learn something new about nutrition, organics or even raw cooking. Never cooked before, let us help you get started, we offer some basic cooking lessons from a mom, to help get you started and then this group will help keep you going for a lifetime of providing healthy and nutritious meals for your family. We offer: Workshops, share recipes, and fun get togethers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The long weekend...loved it!

One of the best long weekends I have had in a long time because I got to spend time as a family (just Mateo, my husband and I). Usually we get so caught up in doing things with extended family, which we love to do, that we don't get to appreciate just our little family and the home that we have made.
I got to fall in love with the area again, and it really made me realize why I live here. As we went on a miniature hike with Mateo, (love the backpack bag), cut our grass (it took two days, we have a big backyard), and we started our vegetable garden. More importantly we got to enjoy some firsts with Mateo, he finally made the connection of grabbing food and putting it in his mouth on his own, and he can pull himself up to his knees.
The stress of making sure I have income after maternity leave  (which is in just over a month), was gone for this weekend because I had the sun shining and got to spend it with two of my favourite guys, my son and my husband. I couldn't of asked for more, oh wait I guess making a my endeavors pay off because the world we live in requires money would of been nice....I guess for this weekend I will just think about the amazing time I had and I hope mothers everywhere got to experience some great moments with their families too.

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