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Friday, May 28, 2010

Interesting conversation about mothers' sleeping habits with a new baby!

As Mateo has slept through the night the last two consecutive nights, I thought about the conversation I had with my friend and neighbour who has two kids and one of them just turned six months. We both seemed to have the same thing happen, where it seems like the six month mark is just that point where it is getting to be sooooooo hard to get up anymore when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. I used to shoot right up and go see the baby and have no problem feeding or doing whatever the baby needed when he woke up. I also tried to let my husband sleep during the week because he had to go to work but now it is a whole different story. It is like lead weights are holding me down to the bed and I try to see if my husband can get up instead of me and we have debates to see who is more tired. It seems like six months is that point where your body says "hey we can't keep doing this, you need sleep"! Or maybe it is a weird natural occurrence because your child is at that point where he can cry a little, and he is starting to eat more during the day so you know he is ok for food and has to start to learn to self sooth. It is all a little strange that as a mother when your child is born you can go without sleep or very little because you know your child needs you, not to be biased but I don't think men can do this as well (I am sure single dads just do it). I think motherly instincts take over to get you running to their crib when they are newborns, and when they start becoming old enough that sleeping through the night is fine, your motherly instincts will tell you that too.

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  1. When my girls were a few months old (no longer needing nighttime feedings) and we started sleep training, I was actually able to semi-ignore their cries because I figured they just translated as "Hey! Someone come get me! I don't want to put myself back to sleep!" and I knew they had to learn.

    It actually became much harder for me when they started being able to say "Mama! Up!" and I felt like they were really picturing me and thinking I had abandoned them...much more guilt-inducing than the earlier, more generic cries!

    I did a post about how we got our babies to sleep through the night...pop over and have a look if you're interested. Everyone's experience is different!