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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mission for next week: Find new ways to save money or just resuse things I have!

OK so I think of myself already has doing a lot of things to save money, like coupons, checking flyers, always making a two week menu plan before I go grocery shopping, but I want to see what else I can do to save money. Also I am going to find new ways to use things that I do have for example the old baby food jars, how many ways can I come up with for using them, as I already use them to keep spices (I use my label maker of course...love that thing!). I also participate in all those diaper point systems, and enter a lot of product testing or contests because hey its free so why not try right?
I could also go on and on about how much I love Kiijji but I am going to attempt to sell a lot of things I don't need on there, and find new ways to bring people to view it, what do I have to loose right? I just love the fact of getting rid of things that take up space (so get rid of clutter) and make some money too.
I will report back everything next Friday but in the meanwhile feel free to leave your own ideas.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth,
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