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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why does supermarket shopping feel like the gym but I don't loose any weight!

Ok so I had to do a big grocery shop today, and I couldn't put it off till the weekend when my husband could come with me. So what this means is Mateo can not go in a stroller because a stroller and a shopping cart are a little too much to push around. So, I asked a few moms if they thought Mateo was old enough to go in the shopping cart, and they all said he is very sturdy so yes. Then another dilemma, the germs, so I know they have shopping cart covers, so I have to go to a department store first, so I pick the one connected to my grocery store. So instead of going in to buy the cart cover and then back to my car to put away Mateo's stroller and get my reusable bags for groceries I decide I can carry it all; well it was time efficient but my arms feel like I have been doing chin ups (not like I can really do chin ups but I am sure it is how it feels). So I am looking all around the store for cart covers that they don't have. I decide the best bet is to buy sanitizing wipes for the cart, but of course they are at the other end of the store. When I can finally go to pay there is one cashier and a lady with a lot of things on the counter making no room to put my items down. I am left still holding my items, Mateo, the reusable bags and the jumbo diaper bag I carry around with everything to keep that little man happy....so basically I am at this point yelling in my head at myself about not working out more and swear I will start working out soon. After I get out of that store and head to the grocery store as fast as possible, I realize I still have to wipe down the cart before I can put Mateo down. You know how when you have to open a new pack of sanitizing wipes and put the first wipe through the hole, well it was all one handed and an arms feeling very tense and people don't offer to help. When I finally put Mateo in the cart, I breath and think oh my god I am exhausted and I still haven't even started grocery shopping. Well apparently all the sanitizing of the cart was all for nothing when he is in plain sight of a lot of women and way too cute. As three older ladies had to stop to touch his hands, rub his back and say "God bless". I know Mateo is cute but settle down ladies. But all and all Mateo loved his first shopping cart ride because he saw the world from a new perspective, but I am not going to raise my hands past my waist for the rest of the day, I might even consider bringing my mouth to food instead of my fork to my mouth! Even though I am a little sore I don't feel lighter but I am going to say this was a workout for the day. Next workout is going to be doing housework, I am sure I have read somewhere that I can loose weight doing that!

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