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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Single parents are my superheros

This week my husband was away for work and boy was I tired. I did have my parents support, but it is not the same to have your partner there to take turns on who has to get up at 5 in the morning. Also I make dinner so my husband always gives Mateo his bath and puts him to bed because I am exhausted by then, but that luxury was gone this week.
If I could afford it I would give single parents all a free vacation, where they could sleep in and do nothing (maybe Oprah should consider doing this). I actually recently heard a stat (don't remember where it came from) but it said that by the time your child is age 5, parents would of lost something like 6 months of sleep, but I wonder if this is a two parent household because I am sure single parents loose even more sleep and get really run down.
Now this week has been also a sad one and still is, with the passing of my grandmother, but the stress of and fatigue has also done horrible things to my skin, with breakouts like I am going through puberty and black bags under my eyes, I am surprised that single parents can look good at all.
I do appreciate my husband, even though our child is just as much his as it is mine, but god bless him for getting up with him this morning and changing him and giving him breakfast, as well as making my coffee. As I was sipping my oh so good coffee (because I didn't have to make it), I also got to read my new Today's Parent magazine. It had some comments that readers gave about a quote that Sarah McLaughlin gave about that fact that one good side of being separated/divorced parents is that your child goes to their dad's house on some weekends, and you have the house to your self (now of course I summarized what she said). After this week I can see how some parents need partners even if they aren't together, as they say "it takes a village to raise a child".
So in short, I am exhausted but it is also Mateo who keeps me going because if it wasn't for him, I would of been a mess that would of never gotten out of bed, but he didn't allow me to be too depressed and to go forward, so thanks Mateo for keeping me going. To single parents, I commend you and you are my superheros.

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