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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bitting and daycare updates

Yesterday was the second time that I went to pick up Mateo from daycare and and have to be told about a third incident where he bit a child. This started after Mateo had been bitten twice by another child.
Now the caregivers keep telling me it is normal, but really what are they thinking? Do they think I am a bad mother? How am I suppose to correct something that I am not witness to? Also how much does he understand anyways at 14 months?
Also in the last incident report it said Mateo lunged at the person, this I find amusing because he can't walk yet, but he can lung at people?
Now I also know this daycare is a top notch daycare, but when is Mateo not going to scream and cry when I leave and when I get back? Does he not like the daycare? It has been two months now and nothing has gotten easier, for him or me.
I also previously tweeted that I am still torn between the facility daycare and the home daycare and everyone has good opinions about both. I am trying out both, but I have no way of deciding which one is best. I think it is going to come down to which one Mateo cries less at when I leave and come back. I just want one time when I leave him and he is the funny, laughing, happy kid that he is at home.

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