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Friday, September 24, 2010

Doing something for mom

So last night my neighbour and I took the plung and signed up for indoor ladies' soccer which starts in October and goes until March and runs on Tuesday nights. I figure this was going to be a great social thing, to meet ladies my age in the area, get exercise (every important) and just get out of the house and do something for me.
Now some women I talked to, don't sign up for things like this because they say their family members have too much going on, such as extra curricular, and it is just too hectic, but I say "aren't you important too" and " don't you need something just for you". I think if we didn't do something that didn't involve our partners or our kids, we will start going a little crazy and loose our own identity.
I have been asked, and read other mothers asking how they meet other mothers, and I think the best answer is doing things you enjoy, and it doesn't mean when you are doing things for your kids, like baby signing or playgroups, I think there is too much pressure to talk to other mothers at those type of things already. Also in my experience I feel too much pressure to be like all the other mothers at things like playgroups that I feel like I have nothing to say. In a atmosphere where you "MOM" are doing something you love, I bet you will be more likely to meet more people and be more social. That is why I decided to sign up for something I enjoy doing like soccer, and it doesn't hurt that after every game we go to the local pub after (I know I won't be able to go every week but it is nice to know I can go and be social and have a beer if I want).
There is years ahead of me of being the "soccer mom" or "hockey mom" or supporting Mateo in every sport or club he chooses to do, so I have to make sure to carve out time for myself and I suggest other mothers do the same.

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