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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sick and everyone is annoying today

Why is that everyone seems annoying when you are sick. Woke up yesterday with flu like symptoms, and then ended up leaving work because I just got worse.
Now home, and already had coffee and tea to be able to look after Mateo, but it has left me awake and not able to nap with he is napping.
Even though Mateo seems very cuddly yesterday and today, I still think my dog and my child are trying extra hard to make this day very unbearable. As my dog decides to go swimming in the pond and then run back inside and run on the couch and get muddy paws all over the couch. While trying to clean up the dog's mess my child makes a break for it and is trying to repeatedly flush the toilet (luckily not with any toys in the toilet).
I will probably break down before my husband gets back from work and be reduced to pleading with a dog and a one year old to just sit on the couch and not move for at least 5 minutes and hope that their is some leave of understanding through the desperation in my voice.
I know every mom has these days, so don't say you don't, that you wish you didn't have a single responsibility (especially not the caring of a child, the biggest responsibility) and you could just sit in a bath sipping hot coffee (hot being the luxury) until you are a shrivelled raisin or you actually finish every drop of your hot coffee :) But I know when I signed up for this gig it was 24/7 but hey I can still complain.
It feels better just to rant, and feel bad for myself today, when I have the flu, good thing I can do that on my blog (thanks for listening everyone) and feel free to rant back.


  1. Aww Liz! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! I sadly understand... tomorrow should hopefully be a better day! xo

  2. Thanks Dee, I am feeling better now and my neigbour has it now and she has two kids :(