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Friday, May 27, 2011

Muffin Time!

OK maybe Oprah's inspirational final words to her audience inspired this post, or maybe a little guilt from starting anew job soon (yes finally) that will take away time spent at home, but I really realize the little moments, not the hours is what has meant so much for Mateo and myself.
Mateo and I usually have made one time a week where we go to a coffee shop and you probably guessed it, share a muffin. Mateo will even shoot "Muffin time"! It is just something we both look forward to, and he seems to really like the people watching. Other moments, like when I am just sitting on the couch and he sees me as a easy target for smack down (wresting terminology), he will laugh for hours.
Although I really have to give it to my husband for making little moments count.

Taking simple moments like going down the stairs to teach counting to ten in English and Spanish. With some prompting now Mateo can count to 10 in English now (still working on Spanish, could be my husband's accent). Also Mateo learned awhile ago where his ears, eyes, mouth and nose are because of his father playing games with him while changing his diaper.
So I will keep telling myself to remember to enjoy the time I do have him, and just sit back and enjoy the laughter and not focusing on how much time I do get to spend with him.

On another note I had written a post earlier about speech development, and I want to say something along those lines. We recently got a new family doctor and so Mateo got a 18 month development testing that he missed out on because of our other doctor retiring. It was a nice piece of mind to have him observed, to make sure he was where he was suppose to be for mental capabilities and his motor skills, because being a first time mom, I don't really have anything to compare it to. I highly recommend your doctor taking that time to do this with your child, or at least you educating yourself and just observing your little one because finding this early is the best thing you can do for your little one to help work on anything where they may need help and won't  have to make up a lot of time later when they reach school age. 

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