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Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Mateo!!!

Today is Mateo's 2nd birthday ad I am amazed on how fast time has passed by and surprised at how much he can do. I will write this post to him, as a keepsake from his last two years.
You are repeating everytlhing and acting like a grown up. You no longer sit in a  high chair, but still sleep in a crib because you move around at night just as much as you do during the day (which is all the time). You eat everything, recently you love your salad, but mostly you choose  what you want to eat based on your mood I think.
You still know how to keep everyone wrapped around your finger with your happy attitude, amazing laughter (that gets you out of any lecture or timeout), and just a funny attitude to life.
Still way too fascinated with your weiner, which I hope stops soon because the one eyed snake comes out wherever we go. Also recently obessed with wanting to sit in the driver's seat of everyones' car and touch every button and pretending to be  driving. Your father and I taught you the following funny phrases for our own amusement:
"No way"
"Uh nuts"...and others.
I made cupcakes for daycare to celebrate the day, but in true Mateo fashion you aren't feeling well on your birthday. You have a Sunday lunchtime party planned with your family and close friends, where we hope to have the huge playset up that your grandparents bought and a make shift slip and slide down the outside hill because you are like a fish to water, love it.
On a serious note...
This past month I took a job where I had to  commute so I left before you got up and returned as you were going to sleep. So I just wanted to write and hopefully you will read this one day, that you are still the single most important thing to me, hence why I spend all day Sunday cooking and cleaning to prepare for the week and try to enjoy every minute with you, even when you are like "grumpy bird" (the book we read). I love our muffin time, and when you let me snuggle with you, so I look forward what the years to come bring and will forever keep with me these last two years.

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