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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Still here,updates birthday parties and potty training.

Well Mateo had his first drop off birthday party this weekend, I only really left for like an hour at most. It is funny though what makes you feel like the typical iconic vision you have a mother, but preparing the present and bringing him to a birthday party, really made this vision come to light.

Mateo of course is a good combination of social interactive kid and doesn't mind playing on his own, so he always seems to have a good time. He of course was happy about juice, cupcake and pizza that he got at this party. Wasn't interested in getting extra candy from the pinata instead he tried filling his bag with cars that belonged to one of the kids that lived at this house.

This was defiantely a milestone that I wouldn't forget because he had so much fun, as he always does when he gets treats and gets to play with kids (you wouldn't of even noticed they were all older than him because he has no problem keeping up).

I know I have not posted in awhile, mostly because of a hectic work schedule but learning to cope and set priorites is what I am working on. So I thought I would up date you on some other items and experiences I have been having.

My favourite moments right now, is just seeing what Mateo will say and do next. Every day it seems like a new sentence comes out of his mouth, that just brings a smile and chuckle and makes a lot of other worries and stress melt away, funny how they have that effect on you.

Mateo has his addiction to his pajamas, and will step in that door after daycare and ask to put on his
pajamas right away (just like his dad does when he gets home, funny enough).

Potty training is something that happens on occasion, but of course we are to blame because we haven't had time to focus on this, but we have started the calender and the stickers, and even some small gifts to mark a certain number of stickers, but so far Mateo chooses to use the potty only once a day and then his diaper for everything else. One day we will master this, we do want to try what worked for my friends and neighbours, which was the potty training in three days, but  you can't leave the house, so if I find three days in a row where I don't have to do anything outside the house, I will first be the happiest person ever and then I will try this potty training technique. But I do regret buying the little kids potties, one because I never thought of the clean up requiredeverytime he goes to the washroom, but more importantly, the whole is so small, I really don't think he will aim everything in that whole, so straight to the real toilet it is.

On a personal note, I am still trying my hardest to work from home, tryin to find contract work in my current profession so I can be around more often at home for dinner but I really hope to focus on starting two business ventures I have in mind in the new year, and give it my full attention, not calling it a new years resolution because I don't think I have ever stick to those!

Wow this post was all over the place much like my life right now, but I think a nice quick update,

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