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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sleeping, what is that again?

So today is the second time in a row that I got both my kids to nap at the same time in their beds. I am amazed and also feel like I deserve a reward for this amazing task. Sleeping at night has become the big issues again, with both our kids.

My husband has to deal with the three year old at night and I am on baby duty at night. We get so tired that we sometimes beg with the other one to deal with both kids but we were both screwed the other night when at the exact same time we heard Mateo (three year old) cry and ask for dad and then Harrison (baby) start to cry over the monitor, needless to say our dog decided to sleep in our bed because I guess she thought we didn't need it anyways. Napping and sleeping through the night is not coming easy right now for either of my kids. The 5 month old was sleeping so well and then he turned three months and started to get up every two hours. My three year old keeps waking up crying at least twice a night, and we can't figure out why. He also seems to have a little bit of difficult breathing, yesterdays' nap was the loudest snore (and no he does not have a cold), he is also coughing only when sleeping, and drooling. I have meet one person whose child was diagnosed with sleep apnea but also a friend also suggested checking him for any allergies, that he could be getting from a blanket or pillow. I am bringing him to the doctor and I will write about what we find out.

I wonder too if it could be just as simple as nightmares or wanting attention still because of the younger brother and hearing us get up with the baby at night. Whatever the case we are eliminating all possibilities so if your three year old had these same problems let me know how you dealt with it and what you came up with.

Believe it or not I even make sure to get a banana into my three year old close to night time because I learned through Dr.Oz it helps to quite the mind/or relax...yes I will try anything for sleep.

We have always had a calming bath, reading routine as well so I don't think relaxation is the problem though.

This is to be continued as I work on this with the kids. I will share what I have learned and what has worked (yes I have faith in sleeping before retirement).

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