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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting Back to Routines

Holidays are extremely tough on kids, especially if you are like me and have to drive and stay at families' homes during the holidays. Also on my side of the family our custom is to open presents on midnight Christmas Eve, so being tired and cranky is a regular thing for us. We haven't even really gotten our six month old to sleep through the night yet, so the recovery after the holidays is a must.

First I think it will start with our diets, getting back to our regular meal times and items, will be a must. Then also once all the goodies have been eaten (by my husband and I of course) we will start the sugar detox. My personal course of action for this is making homemade baked goods with fruit, and using agave and coconut sugar minimally to help cut down. Now I know getting ride of flour and wheat is a must to really cut out the urge for the sugar, but personally it is hard battle for me, and I always believe moderation is key for me.

Then getting the kids back to some regular exercise activities and a lot of down time, the new lego should help with that. We are really trying to get that down time in, to bring them back down off that Christmas high, so no car rides for now. We desperately had to go grocery shopping, so I sent my husband with the list, while the kids were napping, so that our kids did not have to put in the car, and my husband would not stress with the six month old if I was to go grocery shopping.

Most important step will be to just relax, don't worry about the "To do list" for a while just spend some time with kids because around the corner is another year and more to dos. The kids and especially me need to "veg" out.

Recap of Plan: 
1. Get the meals under control, and get the rich, big meals, or sugar out!
2. Get regular exercise back and get some good down time.
3. Just breath and relax, the house clean up and things to do can wait a little!

I am hopeful that my plan will work for my family.

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