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Friday, January 11, 2013

Fighting the germs that children ALWAYS pick up!

Wow since the holidays, it seems like we keep battling with germs around here!

My three year old just seems to be getting over, dare I say it out loud (because I am still grossed out), but pin worms. Now, he went to bed today with the sniffles, so I pulled out my bag of tricks to fight this head on, so that we don't have another sleepness nights with a cold. He went to bed with crushed garlic in socks, I took that tip from Dr.Oz, and it worked to fight off a cold I was beginning to get one time.  Then when my son falls asleep I am putting an onion in his room, with the top and bottom cut off, which is said to absorb the toxins. I might even do the onion thing in all our rooms tonight, just in case.

Besides the pin worms, that had made my son get up at night complaining (which is completely understandable), our little six month old is still not sleeping through the night. I am fine with the baby getting up once or twice but what I am feeling bad about (at the moment, as motherhood always seems to have some kind of guilt) is that he got a little cut on his finger that got infected, and after fighting with salt soaks, and a mild cream (from the doctor) we finally had to give him antibiotics. Seriously lately I feel like we have to stay indoors, and only get a little yard time, with no interaction with other children, like at playgroups, sports, and especially not daycare, to insure we aren't sick every other month.

I know kids get sick and our immunity will build (believe me I am trying to build that immunity with the food we eat too), but I just want a full nights rest, no children coughing or complaining in the middle of the night, just good old rest.

I have never been one to call myself a germa-phobe and would just do the regular wash your hands, try to clean the cart handle at the grocery store, use tissues and cough in to your arm type of person, but children and their ability to harbour everything around us, is making me a little more paranoid!

Feeling guilty when they get sick, and helpless is becoming a little second nature to me but I always have to remind myself that I must be doing a lot right, when I see that I have two really happy boys! Man are they ever two happy, always laughing, funny kids, and man am I lucky (ok NOW I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night :) ).

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