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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just cherishing every moment with Mateo!

Everyday seems like something new with Mateo, as his teeth are coming in he wants to bite, or chew everything. I have to remember to cherish everything. Like this morning he went down for his morning nap by first falling asleep on my lap after his bottle, which almost never happens anymore because he want to move around so much right now. So I enjoyed having him snuggle on my chest first before I had to put him in his crib or he won't get the good sleep he needs. What it did remind me of, was that at the hospital the only way he would sleep was snuggled in a little ball on my chest. Now I didn't get any sleep at the hospital because I was too scared he would fall or I would smother him, but I just loved having him so close, that I miss it already and he is only 9 months old. But I am trying to enjoy the new things like him getting his teeth, not that teething is fun because it is not (thank god for baby Tylenol), but him trying to eat everything in sight is really funny. Oh and a side note if you are traveling with a young one, bring baby Tylenol, they didn't have any in Uruguay (South America) when we went. What is really funny though, is that as soon as our neigbours are around who have a five month old and a two year old, watch out. If they have the five month old down on the ground Mateo will crawl over in five seconds and try to bite him, and I feel so bad because he is defenseless. Mateo will try to bite everyone now and we keep trying to give him new teething toys but he doesn't want them, but instead prefers the oddest things like his medicine dropper or that thing that is suppose to squeeze snot out (I don't know the name for it). He does love his frozen fruit on the gums, and that is why I will say it again how wonderful these net food things are: Nuby Nibbler Feeder BPA FREE 2 pack - boy colors.  So even though we have some sleepless nights with the teeth coming in, I will still cherish these moments with him, because they also make me laugh as our neighbours tell their kids to "watch out Mateo might eat you".

I wonder how many teeth marks I will have, by the time he finishes teething?

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