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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tips for Working Moms

As a newer mother, when I find things that work for me I want to share them with other mothers, because I know I have learned from other blogging mothers, or sites. So I have tips for the working parents, that have helped me manage time, or just been good advice to juggle it all (and yes it is a juggling act, and we just have to learn to become good jugglers).

First and foremost guilt will always happen but we have to tell ourselves we are always doing our best for our family and ourselves.

Tip 1: Not letting your appearance suffer
Now sleepless nights due to illness, teething or my favourite, for no reason at all; here are some helpful tips for making you look better than we feel:

Unless you have the money to keep your nails looking great, keep them short and only use clear nailpolish for a finished look and chips in the polish aren't as noticeable.

Work with your hairdresser to come up with a look that doesn't need a lot of work, age appropriate and sophisticate, short tends to be good for this. If you can't muster up the strength to wash your hair (some days)remember there is dry shampoos that atleast won't have your hair looking greasy but I won't put washing off for too long, sorry but that is just a must

Tip 2: Organize, organize, and organize

If your aren't organized and good with staying on schedule well start to be, because if you don't plan your time wisely you will be bitter that you can't do everything you want and the guilt will get worse (is what I personally think)

Now everyone I have told of how I schedule my time thinks they can't do that, but I just think they don't want to. I know how nice it is to come home after work and relax and not have to try to make a quick meal that might not be as noutrishing, have you had more time, hence feeling more guilt. So why not take the time and make meals, on one of your days off for the work week and freeze them. Then when you come home just through it in the oven and start to unwind, you desereve it! One day of cooking can make 5 days of headache free time of trying to get that kid feed. If you are in need of some meal ideas to freeze, feel free to contact me, I love to share.

Tip 3: Cutting Corners

You want to make the most out of your beauty sleep so pack lunches before you go to bed and if you can take your shower before you go to bed then do that too, because any extra minutes of sleep is a luxury to be enjoyed each and everyday.

Look for ways to save time, and be more efficient because time is enemy, so be greatful (and cherish) for any minutes you can get to spend on yourself and with your family!

So these are just some of the tips that I have discovered that help me juggle the responsibilites of motherhood and working, hopeful more to come because you learn something new everything I find being a new mom.


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